Our history

K'AOBLOT was born from the passion of a young visionary designer. I, Kyle Ruvani, a motion design student, have always been fascinated by watchmaking. This passion pushed me to create a brand that combines the art of design with the precision of time.

Our vision

At K'AOBLOT, we believe that the exception should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to offer watches with sophisticated designs at affordable prices, allowing everyone to wear an exceptional piece on their wrist.

Our flagship collection

Our first collection, “Myriades Infinies”, perfectly embodies our fusion between art and watchmaking. Each watch in this line features a unique dial, a true miniature masterpiece. Imagine a night sky captured on your wrist: thousands of metallic micro-sculptures twinkle like so many stars, creating a hypnotic effect that is sure to fascinate you with every glance.

Our quality commitment

Although we are a young house, our ambition is great. Our watches are manufactured with care, combining the precision of production in China with the finesse of assembly in France. This approach allows us to guarantee quality and innovation at each stage of creation.

Our future

K'AOBLOT is more than just a watch brand. It's an invitation to explore time from a new angle, to wear a work of art on your wrist. Our vision is to grow, evolve, and perhaps one day, collaborate with other artists and creators to push the boundaries of watch design even further.

Join the K'AOBLOT adventure

With K'AOBLOT, every second becomes a unique experience, each watch tells a story. Your story. We invite you to discover our creations and be part of this unique watchmaking adventure. K'AOBLOT - Time becomes art.